We are proud to have a strong track record of satisfied clients.

We know the industry and its requirements, both on- and offshore.

No matter where the location, we will be there on time and will be ready to go with just a few hours’ notice.

We operate local offices in:
Denmark – Germany – Holland – UK – Italy – Tunisia

Warranty surveys

With our team of highly experienced experts, we provide warranty load-outs and discharge surveys for insurance companies and the largest organizations in the world.

We customize our services and reports to precisely match your needs.

We will ensure that your cargo is loaded, transported and discharged safely.

On-site management

With our team of maritime experts, we offer solid site management with the focus on safe effective operations including complex sites in remote areas.

You can free up your own resources by safely entrusting us to handle your site.

Inspections & Surveys

We have a strong track record providing vessel inspections and surveys for all kinds of companies in the industry – from the biggest to the smallest.

We provide all kinds of inspections from standard to tailor made including closeout and site clearance.

Risk & claims advisory services

We provide risk and claims advisory services for a variety of clients, from insurance companies to cargo owners.

We assist our clients in operational risk management including solid risk assessments and operational guidelines.

Should an accident occur, we immediate dispatch experts to the site and assist with proper damage assessment, incident investigation and analysis.

Pre-vetting inspections & vetting preparation

When we conduct a pre-vetting inspection and vetting preparation, this helps you to preserve a low observation score.

Internal audits

Docking monitoring

We offer to make detailed insight to vessels condition and finding the right shipyard for the job.

As a part of monitoring the docking/reparing, we offer to overview works done and necessity including cost control.