A cleaner future includes more fish

In our quest to keep shipping boring, it is important to remember that we do so in order to make the world can be a more exciting place to live!

We recently completed our annual inspection of a fishing cutter, a boat hired each year by a client to measure fish density around offshore wind farms. Like many in the green energy space, they do not want their project to improve one part of the environment by hurting another part of it.

An increase in fish density

During this year’s annual project, the boat found an increase in fish density surrounding their offshore wind farms. Over and over again, our client has shown that fish life thrives in areas where wind mills are being installed, furthering the eco-benefit of the offshore wind industry.

At a time where climate change is causing extreme weather conditions and doing long term damage to our future, the rippling effects of wind energy is an encouraging reality.

Without a proper inspection, these boats would not be able to do its job. We are happy to keep the shipping boring so our partners and clients can focus on making the world a more sustainable place to live.

Ready to go

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