Dynamic Positioning

Our Dynamic Positioning experts are some of the best in the world and carry out FMEA/FMECA for all floating units. They can perform our rigorous and best-in-class DP Proving trials and Annual DP trials anywhere in the world. We conduct these trials following International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) and Marine Technology Society (MTS) standards and guidelines.

FMEA & DP Proving Trials Made Easy

Comprehensive FMEA & DP Proving Trials Worldwide

Our Dynamic Positioning (DP) expert team specializes in crafting detailed Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) reports and conducting essential proving trials globally. Adhering strictly to IMCA and MTS Guidelines, our FMEA proving trials are to validate the findings of the desktop analysis and preliminary FMEA.

The FMEA proving trials are conducted to ensure that the defined worst-case failure scenarios are not exceeded and that the failure effects align with expectations. The outcome of the trials allows us to issue a final, comprehensive FMEA report.

Annual DP Trials to Ensure Optimal Performance

IMCA Compliance for Proving Redundancy

Following IMCA standards, our DP trials demonstrate that your DP systems are fully functional and properly maintained, ensuring the redundancy concept remains intact. These trials are crucial for proving the vessel’s ability to hold the position after single failures associated with the assigned equipment class.

Mandatory Annual DP Trials

The mandatory Annual DP Trials are to be conducted once a year within three months of the anniversary of the vessel’s FMEA proving trials. These trials test all critical systems and components, documenting the DP vessel’s capability to keep its position post-failure.

IMO MSC Annual Survey Requirements

The International Maritime Organization’s Maritime Safety Committee (IMO MSC) mandates that annual surveys are to be conducted within three months before or after the initial survey’s anniversary date. These surveys ensure that the DP system is maintained according to guidelines and remains in optimal working condition.

Simplifying Your DP Compliance

Expert Support and Global Reach

Our dedicated team of DP experts conducts thorough and best-in-class DP annual trials anywhere in the world, catering to any unit operated in DP mode. We provide a single point of contact available 24-7-365, ensuring seamless support for all requirements and operational matters.

Always Ready to Assist

Our back office remains on standby to assist with any requirements and operational issues that may arise, making your compliance process straightforward and hassle-free. With our support, you can focus on your core operations while we efficiently handle your DP trials and FMEA requirements.

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