Compliance management OVID & SIRE

In order to assure marine safety, Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) runs rigorous vessel inspection regimes for vessels transporting or operating for their members as well as requirements for to how the onshore management operations are conducted.

The system operates with both the Tanker Management and Self-Assessment (TMSA) program for Tankers and the Offshore Vessel Management and Self-Assessment program (OVMSA) for other vessels. Both these programs provide companies the means to improve and measure their own safety management systems.

These programs encourage companies to assess their safety management systems (SMS) against key performance indicators (KPIs) and provide a minimum expectation (level 1) plus three levels of  increasing best practice guidance.

Both programs are backed up with their relative inspection regimes – SIRE for tankers and OVID for offshore vessels.

A high score in the Self-Assessment programs and a very low level of findings during the inspections are often directly linked to market opportunities and the opportunity to trade the vessel in the sector.

Our services have only one goal: to assist you in succeeding in the market.
To accomplish this, we offer the following  services:

• Customized Audit of the Self-Assessment system, tailor made to pinpoint precisely where your systems are in accordance with the self-assessment scheme and your targets for the program.

• Consulting for bridging and closing any potential gaps in the systems to the desired compliance level.

• On board pre-vetting inspections to determine and close gaps before the actual inspection takes place.

Each time we carry out an inspection, we apply our “road-to-success” criteria, ensuring that we maintain strict focus on your needs and expectations:

• We provide a single point of contact, 24-7-365, with a back office on standby, ready to assist with any requirements or operational matters that may arise.

• We rigorously vet and train our inspectors.

• Any inspector deployed on a vessel will always carry out the inspection in accordance with the agreed scope. We always ensure our inspectors are properly briefed about any possible additional requirements.

• We work with all parties to get the vessel ready for operation as fast as possible.

Each year, we carry out several hundred inspections and we are prepared for any eventuality. We are on standby – ready to assist with any practical issues or questions that may arise.

Please contact us – by phone, email, online communication or any way you prefer. We are always available and would be happy to get in touch and provide you with any information you may need.

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