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When operating complex, large, high value projects with big organizations, it is of paramount importance that the suppliers you select are fully aligned with your values and your Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality requirements. The selection of the right suppliers can literally make or break the project.

Often the suppliers have been vetted and assessed by the very competent supplier management team and the HSSEQ. However, for the very specialized world of shipping, and especially the opaque web of charterers/operators and owners of vessels of all kinds, it can be recommendable to use external experts as the business setup and rules deviate significantly from any other business type.

At Nordic Maritime Solutions we often conduct specialized vettings and inspections of vessel charterers, vessel operators and vessel owners. Our team has in-depth knowledge about how the operators are working their setup, the legal requirements, the systems they operate under and how this is interlinked to your requirements.

We perform bespoke inspections to fulfill your requirements within your system and modus operandi and we also have our own in house developed program, that often will cover your requirements. At meetings, we will determine your need and establish how the best possible result can be obtained.

We carry out customized Audit of the Self-Assessment system, tailor made to pinpoint precisely where your systems are in accordance with the self-assessment scheme and your targets for the program.

Each time we carry out an inspection, we apply our “road-to-success” criteria, ensuring that we maintain strict focus on your needs and expectations:

  • We provide a single point of contact, 24-7-365, with a back o ce on standby, ready to assist with any requirements or operational matters that may arise.

  • We rigorously vet and train our inspectors.

  • Any inspector deployed on a vessel will always carry out the inspection in accordance with the agreed scope. We always ensure our inspectors are properly briefed about any possible additional requirements.

  • We work with all parties to get the vessel ready for operation as fast as possible

Each year, we carry out several hundred inspections and we are prepared for any eventuality. We are on standby – ready to assist with any practical issues or questions that may arise.

Please contact us – by phone, email, online communication or any way you prefer. We are always available and would be happy to get in touch and provide you with any information you may need.

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