An inspector does more than inspect

To become an inspector with Nordic Maritime Solutions, you have to have years of experience as a naval architect, engineer, or captain, as well as current required certifications like IMCA AVI.

This means that when one of our inspectors shows up, they bring with them a high level of expertise that goes well beyond what is required for an inspection. Many of the incredible companies we work with use unique vessels made for difficult transport jobs.

Though the standard inspections still apply, these vessels require an inspector who is flexible, knowledgeable, and able to adapt. A recent client working in the offshore wind sector needed just that.


Bringing flexibility to a standard job


A client needed an inspection for a Jack Up Vessel, a ship used specifically for lifting large wind turbines and transporting them to offshore wind farms.

Even though they only needed the IMCA eCMID inspection, they needed an inspector who could navigate the peculiarities of the vessel, adapt to challenges due to COVID, and weigh in on ways to improve the overall operations.

Basically, they needed an inspector that could do more than inspect. The expertise of a good inspector is often an untapped resource for clients. Fortunately, this client understood the value and utilized the inspector far beyond the standard inspection.


A true partner in your success


In the end, the client was incredibly grateful for the quality and flexibility of our inspector in meeting the demands of a unique job.

Not only was the inspection successful, but the client has a better understanding of how to best prepare for future inspections and projects.

We want our clients to succeed far beyond the small role we play in their projects. If you need an inspector that does more than inspect, we would love to talk with you. Give us a call!

Case Story