Company Digest April – a good MWS

We will be attending and hosting a booth at Breakbulk Europe 2022 in Rotterdam from 17- 19 May. For many of us, this will be the first major conference to attend since the pandemic began, so we can not wait to see everybody in real life.

If you want to talk with us about how we can save you time and money with thorough surveys and a worldwide presence, we would love to talk with you. Either look for the orange carpet on the floor to our booth (2D76), visit our website, or book time with us by calling + 49 461 1689 7641


More than one way to use a cargo surveyor!


A commitment to safety is an essential part of any shipping project. When companies prioritize safety, projects are more likely to go as planned, avoid the risk of incident, and remain profitable. Safety protects not only the lives and property involved in a project, but also the reputation of the brands involved.

It is why we talk about safety all the time. You cannot afford to be unsafe. Often times for insurance, you cannot operate without the presence of a cargo surveyor helping prioritize safety. But even with that requirement, there are more ways to utilize the skillset of a cargo surveyor on a transport project than most companies realize.

A good cargo surveyor in the breakbulk industry usually brings decades of experience to every project and is capable of far more than helping you check off the box of survey for your insurance demands.


Do what it takes to find a good marine warranty surveyor


For the breakbulk industry, and really any company involved in transporting heavy, unique cargo, getting a marine warranty survey before a project is standard. Often required by insurers, it is easy to treat the survey as an unimportant necessity, something that can be done by any company as long as you check off that you have done it.

Unfortunately, when you only see the Marine Warranty Survey (MWS) as a procedural requirement, you miss out on the practical benefits a good MWS can have on your overall project.

Read about how a good marine warranty survey makes a difference.


The risk and cost of Russian regimes aggression


The shipping industry has been rocked the last two years due to the effects of COVID-19. Labor shortages, price hikes, and low supply for high demand items has already caused significant changes and adjustments at every stage of the transport process. Overall, our industry has shown incredible resilience and handled the disruptions with innovation and hard work.

Recently, a different international crisis began causing major shifts in our industry. When the Russian regime invaded Ukraine and began an unprovoked attack, and decided to remain as aggressors in the country, the Russian flag in the shipping industry became a problem.

Our industry is a diverse and interconnected world, but it is not immune to geopolitical conflicts.

Your eyes, ears, and voice on site


Nordic Maritime Solutions is here to be your eyes, ears and voice on site anywhere in the world. Schedule a time to talk with us at Breakbulk Europe this year!

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