Company Digest June – back office, on site!

We are still so happy from seeing everyone in real life at Breakbulk Europe 2022 in Rotterdam. If you found the orange carpet and took the time to catch up, meet us, and learn more about us, we would love to stay connected to you. We make shipping boring by ensuring your cargo is handled and transported safely, keeping your interests are protected on site.

Find the orange carpet

The breakbulk industry is an incredible industry filled with interesting and driven people. We got to meet men and women committed to not only making the shipping industry better, but the world better through innovative shipping solutions. We want to keep the conversation going, so make sure to follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook for updates, safety tips, and industry insights.


Back office support, even on site!


Our mantra at Nordic Maritime Solutions is safety, safety, safety!
For us, the safe way is the only way. We go out of our way to help ensure safety and mitigate risk so that your cargo is handled safely and efficiently whenever and wherever it is transported, lifted or otherwise handled. We do this for our partners by providing 24/7 back-office support on every job.

Regardless of where in the world the job takes our surveyors or inspectors, there is constant support from the office to make sure reports are consistent, thorough and up to the highest standards. In fact, to ensure our back-office support is well trained, we actually have them join the surveyors and inspectors in the field.

Back office support, even on site

We recently had two different jobs where our back-office support was on site with our surveyors to gain real time insight so they can give our partners the best experience possible. Safe shipping is also cost-effective shipping, so we ultimately do everything we can to help our partners succeed.



Your eyes, ears, and voice on site


Nordic Maritime Solutions is here to be your eyes, ears and voice on site anywhere in the world. We would love to talk with you about your survey and inspection needs, so give us a call

P.S. We want to help you save money and protect your margins.
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