Company Digest June – detailed reports

Nordic Maritime Solutions started in order to help companies prioritize safety when they ship globally.

We have experts in every part of the world ready to oversee the safety of your shipment at every stage of its journey through, cargo surveys, vessel inspections and QA surveys


​​​​​​World changing equipment needs world class inspections

We write inspection reports so detailed, they can put anyone to sleep. The reason we have that special power is because every one of our inspectors is highly trained with years of experience. We do not believe getting an inspection is about checking the box, but an opportunity to increase safety, improve efficiency, and help our clients accomplish their long-term goals.

Nordic Maritime Solutions was hired to inspect new cutting-edge vessel designed specifically for moving & installing wind turbines and look at the company’s ongoing systems to provide insight into how they can improve.

This major international conglomerate is on the cutting edge of the offshore wind industry, creating vessels made to specifically handle the complicated demands of installing offshore wind farms. They use technology and innovation to help improve the overall quality of the world by helping develop sustainable clean energy.

Needless to say, they make vessels that need a different level of inspection expertise. Because of the unique nature of their ships and equipment, along with their long term need for innovative solutions, this organization was looking for a company that could partner with them to inspect their vessels and provide insight into how to improve their overall systems.

Best Practices

Do you have an upcoming project? Before you get too far, bring Nordic Maritime Solutions into the planning stage!

By bringing surveyors and inspectors into the process early, companies can avoid significant amounts of risk and save money in the overall course of the project by avoiding costly delays and incidents.


Surveyor Highlight: Jostein

Jostein is one of our surveyors and inspectors based in Norway.
With a history of working with marine warranty & vessel inspections, he brings a high degree of expertise to his job.

When he is not working, he enjoys skiing along with the rest of Norway.


The earlier the better

Recently, a different major company needed to load a new type of sensitive wind turbine blade out of India. There were a number of challenges in this particular job, including a technically challenging load and challenges to meet required safety standards sometimes present when shipping out of India.

This company knew the risks and wanted to make sure their wind turbine blades arrived on time without incident, so they called us to join in the planning stage for the load in.

Nordic Maritime Solutions is your eyes, ears and voice on site anywhere in the world. Contact us for inspections and surveys for your next project!