Company Digest November – BIMCO contracts

The challenge of getting a shipment of heavy lifts and project cargo safely executed!


When shipping heavy and project cargo, there are many different risks involved. To ensure a safe shipment, each of these risks must be probably mitigated, down to an acceptable level.

In today’s edition, we are going to focus on some of the contractual risks and provide an easy hack on how to lower the risk by adding an easy paragraph to your contract and providing a link to look up the vessel.


The Background

Most of the contracts used for shipments of Heavy Lift and Project Cargo Originates are from the organization called BIMCO.

BIMCO is a well-established organization within the shipping world and they have produced a wide variety of contracts to be used for different types of shipments and vessel charters.

The contracts are of very high quality, but these contracts do not necessarily take into account some of the key risks from the perspective of the shipper and insurance companies.

It makes sense to make sure that the contract covers these risks. This can be done by adding a few paragraphs to the contract.

One of the risks relates to using forced labor in the maritime industry and how this can be avoided.

All of our clients support the UN global compact and its aim to demolish forced labor. It is of paramount importance that there is no forced labor involved in transporting their goods in any part of the supply chain.

Shipping is a very international trade; therefore, it is important to conduct a proper due diligence check of the suppliers you use in the supply chain.

One way to ensure that there is no forced labor involved in your maritime shipments is to add a clause in the contract that stipulates that the vessel involved in the transport has to be ITF-fitted.
This means that the labor on board is receiving a pay that, as a minimum, is following the International Transport Workers Federation’s guidelines and is not working as forced labor onboard.

You can check if the vessel is IFT fitted via this link:

This small contract hack will ensure that you are not unintentionally using forced labor in your maritime transportation process.

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