Transporting your valuable cargo is a high risk operation

When transporting your valuable cargo, there is always a high risk of damage of things not going according to plan.

Nordic Maritime Solutions’ cargo survey is dedicated to ensure your cargo is transported to the highest safety and operational standards, guaranteeing your cargo is handled safely, protecting your staff and preserving your reputation.

Safety is a core values and all our activities are based on ensuring safe, well-planned,  effective operations anywhere in world and in any part of the supply chain, from factory over roads and rivers to ports and vessels, on delivery sites to offshore operations.

We achieve this by applying simple ground rules:

We thoroughly analyze and verify both the technical planning and risk assessments for the operation.

To ensure planning complies with strict operational standards, our team will verify that all documentation is in place to meet all project compliancy norms and requirements.

Our survey ensures direct contact with ALL parties involved in the operation, from road haulage companies, crane operators, port-handling authorities, vessel, barge and tug operators, and freight forwarders.

On or prior to project commencement, we often participate in project meetings, either remotely or in-person at your offices or on site. This ensures we are clear about project objectives, which are mutually agreed with all parties prior to project commencement.

Once the planning phase has been accepted and in place, we dispatch the appropriate personnel from our survey team to the operations site anywhere in the world.

The surveyor then carries out on-site verification to ensure that the operation is being executed in accordance with all approved planning documentation. The surveyor will take a very proactive approach to the operation, ensuring that actions are taken to prevent incidents occurring before they have a chance to happen.

Once the operation has been verified to be in accordance with requirements, the surveyor then, if required issues a CoA for any required part of the operation, no matter how small.  For example, certification can be issued for the lifting of individual items if required, or for the securing of items to the mode of transportation prior to dispatch. The CoA can be used as proof to the  insurance company, which in turn triggers the necessary insurance cover.

Once the first project shipments have taken place, we will conduct a debriefing with all involved parties in order to identify any possible points for improvements for subsequent shipments. We will then repeat this process on conclusion of the project to ensure continuous process  improvements in relation to overall safety and efficiency.

The success

On several projects, this process has led to an increased operational efficiency of up to 30% and a complete reduction (0%) in undesired incidents.

This service covers all parts of the supply chain, from factory via road, rail, river, air, sea  transport all the way to the site, both on- and offshore.


To ensure your safe, effective operations at all times, we have you covered. Our seasoned professional team has over 1,000 years of combined experience and specialized training, and are all either Master Mariners, naval architects or professional Engineers.

Please contact us – by phone, email, online communication or any way you prefer. We are always available and would be happy to get in touch and provide you with any information you may need.

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