Ensuring Safe & Efficient Shipment

Ensuring the Safe & Efficient Shipment of Heavy and Project Cargo


In this article, we will discuss strategies to mitigate these risks and improve operational efficiency. Ensuring safe & efficient shipment of your amazing cargo.

The shipment of heavy and valuable cargo poses significant risks when transported from the factory to the delivery site.

These risks include potential damage to the cargo itself and the potential consequences on project execution. Such as delays and significant costs, which can reach several hundred million dollars depending on the project size.

Controlling these risks can be challenging due to the non-transparent nature of the supply chain involved in transportation.

Strategies to mitigate risks & improve operational efficiency


In this article, we will discuss strategies to mitigate these risks and improve operational efficiency.

1. The Challenge of Supply Chain Control:

Gaining control of the supply chain and ensuring high standards for transporting valuable cargo can be difficult when not directly hiring and approving every participant in the process.

Even with a thorough approval process, safe handling of your goods is not guaranteed.

For example, ships’ crews lifting cargo with vessel cranes, whether lifting 5 tons or 1,000 tons, are not required to be certified or trained in using cranes and ballast systems.


2. Reducing Risks Through Contractual Agreements and Expert Planning:

Fortunately, there are ways to reduce risk to a more acceptable level and significantly decrease damages. This can be achieved through contractual agreements, expert planning approvals, and on-site attendance by a qualified surveyor.     

a) Contractual Agreements: In your contract, include the right for your surveyor to attend operations and document them with video and photos, on the quayside and on-board. This ensures transparency and accountability during the transportation process.  

b) Expert Planning Approvals: Agree on the planning standard of the operation and include in the contract that your appointed surveyor must approve the planning, ensuring it meets their satisfaction. This guarantees that a qualified professional reviews and approves the transportation plan.

c) On-site Attendance by a Surveyor: Ensure that a surveyor is present on-site for all critical parts of the operation and appoint this surveyor directly. This allows for immediate oversight and intervention if needed during the transportation process.


3. Improving Operational effectivity and securement of cargo:

By implementing these steps, you can expect a significant decrease in damages and delays, as well as an improvement in operational efficiency.

In some cases, up to a 30% increase in operational efficiency has been observed when planning is aligned and the surveyor is on site. However, it is essential to choose a surveyor with operational safety and efficiency in mind.


Conclusion to the article about efficiency and safe operations:


The shipment of heavy and project cargo presents unique challenges and risks, but with careful planning, contractual agreements, and the involvement of an expert surveyor, these risks can be mitigated.

As a result, your project will benefit from improved safety and operational efficiency, saving time and resources in the long run.

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Ensuring Safe & Efficient Shipment with Nordic Maritime Solutions.



Ensure safe and efficient operations

Transporting your high-value project cargo around the world involves several significant risks. Such as accidents, damages, delays, unhappy receivers, and damage to your reputation and brand name.

However, by following some simple steps, many risks can be reduced and even avoided.

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