Standard & tailor-made vessel inspections

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We provide you precisely the inspection you require – standard or tailor made.

Standard inspections

CMID & OVID Inspections

We provide thorough IMCA CMID and OVID inspections.

We are able to position a qualified inspector for any vessel type, at any location, and at short notice.

Inspections are always carried out in line with the standards but can also include additional questions and focus areas.

OVID Inspections

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Tightness test of hatch covers

According to the Swedish Club the average cargo claim due to untight hatches is 110,000 US dollars. Untight hatches can also results in loss of insurance cover.

We provide hatch cover testing with ultrasonic test equipment as recommended by all leading P & I Clubs. Ultrasonic testing provides measurable and reliable results.

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protect your assets

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vetting & audit

Are you also experiencing difficulties in assessing the quality and procedures off your suppliers?

It can be a good idea to conduct audits in the offices and major sites of your key suppliers to verify that your suppliers are living up to your safety and quality standards.

We have a strong record of providing vetting and audit for major organizations in the world on their key suppliers especially in the maritime sector.

Contact us today and let us discuss how we can do this to match precisely your needs.

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Compliance management OVID & SIRE

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It can often be a challenge and connected with huge unforeseen costs to ensure compliance with the requirements outlined in there OVMSA 2.

Maintaining and reaching an acceptable level of compliance is often necessary to be able to trade the vessel to major organizations who are members of the OCIMF.

Determination of GAP(s) in the management system via a carefully planned audit preparation road map is often the best solution.

Our crew knows how to get you there and we have the right tools to precisely pinpoint the pain points raising your general score and minimizing the level of findings during the OVID inspection.

Contact us today and let us discuss how we can best assist you in reaching your goals for the necessary compliance.

Dynamic positioning

Our Dynamic positioning experts are among the top leading dynamic positioning experts and we carry out FMEA/FMECA for all floating units.

We carry out rigorous and best-in-class DP Proving trails and Annual DP trials anywhere in the world. We conduct these trials in accordance with International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) and Marine Technology Society (MTS) standards and guidelines.

FMEA/FMECA & proving trials

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Annual trials