3 Ways Inspections Can Make You Money

At Nordic Maritime Solutions, we understand that a compliant ship is a money-making ship. If you are a vessel owner and operate in the offshore wind and offshore oil and gas sector, you know how important inspections are to your success. Here you will get the 3 ways inspections can make you money.

Inspections help vessel owners and companies needing to charter a vessel stay in compliance throughout the entire scope of the project. And with years of experience, we have seen how inspections can help companies make more money in the long run.


3 ways inspections can make you money

1. Keeps you in compliance

This may seem obvious, but if the ship being used for a certain project is out of compliance for even a small part of a project, it cannot be used.

If a ship cannot be used, it cannot make any money.

Getting inspections that anticipate all compliance needs helps you avoid the money losing reality of having an unusable ship.


2. Gives you a competitive edge

The last thing a company wants to do in the middle of a project is change out the ship they are using because it does not meet certain standards. Changing ships mid-project is time consuming and expensive.

When you get a thorough inspection that is able to cover all aspects of compliance for a particular project. The company hiring you will have the peace of mind that your vessel can handle the entire project. This gives you a competitive edge over those vessels that don’t take the time to get the proper certifications.


3. Boosts your reputation

As in many businesses, reputation is everything. If your vessel is known to have problems with compliance, less companies will want to charter it. Word of mouth is a powerful money-making tool and regular inspections help to keep the reputation of your vessel in good standing.

Inspections help you maintain a good reputation so you can stay busy and keep making money.


Discover 3 ways how vessel inspections can enhance profitability


Learn the importance of compliance, competitive advantage, and reputation for vessel owners in offshore wind and oil & gas industries. Nordic Maritime Solutions wants you to get the most out of your vessel! Call today to schedule an inspection so you are prepared for your next project.