Marine Warranty Survey saves you time and money

In the long run, a good Maritime Warranty survey will save you time and money! Try us!

For the breakbulk industry, and really any company involved in transporting heavy, unique cargo, getting a marine warranty survey before a project is standard. Often required by insurers, it is easy to treat the survey as an unimportant necessity, something that can be done by any company as long as you check off that you have done it.

Unfortunately, when you only see the Marine Warranty Survey (MWS) as a procedural requirement, you miss out on the practical benefits a good MWS can have on your overall project.


Not all Marine Warranty Surveys are the same

There is a reason why so many insurers require companies get a MSW before they begin a project. They want an independent party that understands what it takes to stay safe and efficient to look at the proposed plans before they decide to insure the transport project.

This means that the document certifying the marine warranty survey is only as helpful as the quality of the surveyor verifying the MWS. A good surveyor has experience at every stage of a transport project, is up to date on current codes of compliance, and is committed to safety, even if it means calling out concerns while reviewing transport plans.

Having someone that knows what they are doing may seem like a risk.


What if the surveyor finds a problem and delays the project?


Although it can be frustrating to have a surveyor look over transport plans and require changes before sign off, it is always more beneficial to the project to address potential problems at the planning stage. As we’ve seen, a well-planned operation can be up to 30% more effective.


Saving you time and money

As a survey and inspection company working at each stage of transport projects, we have seen it all. And regardless of when an incident occurs during a project, it always costs the transport company and the shipper time and money.

Sadly, most of the incidents that cost companies time and money could have been avoided during the planning stage. A good MWS catches the potential problems up front so the incidents that delay a project or damage property do not occur in the first place.

A delay in the planning stage due to a thorough MWS is always less expensive than a delay in the middle of a project.


On-site is essential

A Marine Warranty Survey is part of a bigger process of maintaining safety and compliance throughout the project. This includes having a surveyor on-site to actually verify the operation. In fact, the MWS certificate is contingent on a surveyor being on-site to assess the project.

This means that the MWS company you use should be in a position to offer multiple types of surveys. If they are unable to perform on-site surveys all over the world, it might be time to find a different survey company.


The goal is safety, not the certificate

Breakbulk transport is complicated by nature, and it can be easy to see the MSW as nothing more than a certification to help you get to the next stage of the project. But if you do not take the time to find the right surveyor, you can miss out on the opportunity to keep your project safe, compliant, and efficient. The shipper needs to know that their cargo will arrive on time without damage.

Remember, the goal of any survey is not the certificate, it is safety! Safety is not only important from the stand point of taking good care of the cargo, equipment, and people, it is important because safe operations is the best way to keep a project on track, on time, and on budget. A shipper can pay upwards of $1 million when a sever accident occurs, so safety is essential.

We want to be your eyes, ears, and voice on site anywhere in the world. Let us help keep your shipment safe and without incident.  Give us a call for your next Marine Warranty Survey at +49 461 16897641.