Operations in locations all over the world

Our client where faced with the challenge of safely moving all parts for one of the world’s largest offshore wind parks and on a tight budget from production facilities all around the world to the base port used for the installation.

The logistics team in charge of the movements consist of some of the best logistics and technical staff in the world, all having vast experience in executing large project for the offshore sector.

The experience, knowledge and amazing track record of the logistics team convinced the team that it was absolutely essential to partner with a survey company they could work closely with them as one team, supporting them all the way from stowage approvals, to approvals of the planning, technical meetings, improvement meetings, site attendance & general problem solving.

Due to the complexity and performance we in Nordic Maritime Solutions ended up doing the entire project with all loading and discharge operations in all locations in the world, working closely together with the logistics teams- the scope of the surveyor were also extended to verify all safety measures’ on site where enforced during operation.

The success

The project ran for a little over a year and ended in success with all components delivered on time – below budget and with no injuries. The client applauded us for our proactive approach and told us that we had a big impact on achieving this goal.

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