Opposite sides of the world, same partner

As much as we love to keep shipping boring, we are also glad we are not the only ones! P&I Insurance companies are also committed to keeping shipping boring so everyone involved can stay safe.

Recently, a P&I company needed a surveyor to perform a Conditions Survey for two of their insured vessels on opposite sides of the world.

Not only did the P&I Club need a standard Conditions Survey, but also needed additional custom inspections that required a higher level of expertise, raising the stakes on who they could hire. And even more challenging, the vessels were in two different ports almost 12,000 kms apart.


Eyes, ears, and voice anywhere in the world

Nordic Maritime Solutions is committed to being our clients’ eyes, ears, and voice anywhere in the world, even if that means opposite sides of the world at the same time. Because our surveyors are highly qualified and we have a network of surveyors all over the world, this P&I group hired us to perform the standard Conditions Survey along with a few other custom inspections.


Beyond the conditions survey

A P&I Conditions Survey is a standard survey performed periodically by P&I clubs to ensure vessels continue to meet required standards and compliance. However, this P&I club needed extra inspections by qualified surveyors in order to sign off on the vessel’s use.

On top of the Conditions Survey, Nordic Maritime Solutions inspector:

  • Inspected the representative ballast tanks
  • Inspected the stability calculation file of the last loading port
  • Checked to make sure the loading data input would enable stability calculations
  • Checked heavy loaded deck bays with high stack weights
  • Crosschecked container stowage positions
  • Requested provision of the Cargo Securing Manual (CSM)
  • Checked to make sure GM was accounted for in CSM lashing tables as required.

In other words, went above and beyond what is expected in a Conditions Survey.


Ready to go

In the end, our client was reassured that the vessels were ready to get back to work without fear of incident, knowing the vessels were compliant to international safety regulations.

We love partnering with companies committed to keeping shipping boring and keeping every man and woman involved in the shipping industry safe.

If you are a P&I Club in need of a Conditions Survey, we have qualified surveyors all around the world standing by to help you keep clients safe.

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