Reports so detailed, they will make anyone fall asleep

Nordic Maritime Solutions is on a mission to keep shipping boring and we are not afraid to say it. We want every project to happen safely, efficiently, and without incident—in other words, boring.

But our commitment to boredom does not just stop on site. We want to send boredom home with you.

This is why we make every report so detailed they will make anyone fall asleep. It does not matter if it is a standard IMCA CMID inspection report or a post project survey report, we work hard to put you into a deep sleep within pages.

Our findings are the antidote to adrenalin junkies and are rumored to cure insomnia by our report’s table of contents alone.

Do we really care that deeply about your sleep? Maybe. But that is not the main reason. We want to make our reports so painstakingly detailed because we know that thorough reports can save companies millions of dollars, hundreds of hours of troubleshooting, and countless sleepless nights worrying about details like whether or not the sling for lifting is correct.

A detailed report is the result of a detailed inspection or survey. After years of working in the maritime industry, we have seen too many failures due to poor planning and bad inspections. Our inspectors and surveyors want you to succeed and our yawn-inducing reports are proof of our commitment to your success.

Stop losing sleep at night!

Let Nordic Maritime Solutions be your eyes, ears, and voice on site by giving us a call today.