Stop losing money when shipping through India

When shipping heavy cargo internationally it can be difficult to avoid going through India. India is becoming a major player in the shipping and manufacturing industry, ramping up production and building its professionalism. In the long run, this is a good thing for India as it creates jobs and brings them more into the global economy. On the one hand, it is the perfect mid-way point when shipping from Europe to Asia. On the other, it can often cause damage to the shipment, and cost your company time and resources. One of the things that makes international shipping so complicated is navigating the different commitments to safety, cultural work practices, and standards of professionalism at various points of your cargo’s journey. India poses a particularly unique challenge due to three problems:

  1. Low commitment to safety

Safety standards exist for more than just keeping people safe. Safety standards often outline best practices for transport, lifting, and other aspects of shipping heavy cargo. When things are done safely, they are also done efficiently and in a way that is agreed on by all party’s involved in advance. Unfortunately, as many companies who ship through India know, there is not a culture of safety in many of the ports of India. Because of this, transporting through India can cause damage to cargo and personnel, cost money, and ultimately lose time. Fortunately, Nordic Maritime Solutions is committed to safety no matter where they operate. In India, our surveyors are committed to making safety a priority and holding the captains, dock workers, and other employees to the safety and efficiency standards your cargo requires.

  1. Lack of credentialed surveyors

It should be obvious, but a surveyor needs to understand the process and have the proper background to do their job well. This means making sure independent surveyors are Captains, Naval Architects, or Engineers. Unfortunately, there is a lack of professionalism pervasive in India that makes it difficult to know whether or not the independent surveyor has the proper background to understand complicated problems that can arrive when transporting heavy cargo. This lack of professionalism and credentials can also cause companies to lose money in damages and time, as well as make it harder to be insured. Nordic Maritime Solutions only hires surveyors that are captains, Naval Architects, or engineers. It doesn’t matter where in the world we are working, our surveyors are professionals ready for any challenge, even in India.

  1. No back-office support

Sometimes, even when the surveyor has the experience necessary for the job, certain complications require help. Back office support gives a third-party surveyor the immediate support they need so they can make well informed decisions and work quickly and efficiently on site. There is no guarantee in India that even a credentialed surveyor has back office support. And without back office support, it becomes more difficult for clients to communicate with the surveyors. This is what makes the difference when working with Nordic Maritime Solutions. Not only does Nordic Maritime Solutions have a strong commitment to safety and hires only credentialed surveyors, Nordic Maritime Solutions provides back office support to its surveyors and clients 24/7/365.
This means that no challenge, even the challenge with transporting through India, is too much for them.

It is time your company stops losing money when shipping through India.

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