The benefit of long-term surveyor deployment

When we say that we are your eyes, ears, and voice on site, we really mean it. With inspections, this means that we show up on site to make sure that the vessel used for the project is safe and compliant. With cargo surveys, this means that we are actively present for things like heavy lifts to make sure projects happen safely and compliantly.

However, one of the biggest benefits of our surveyors is the one most often overlooked. Our surveyors do not only show up for a single part of a project, but can travel with the project from start to finish.


The benefit of long-term surveyor deployment

Shipping and logistics is a complicated and collaborative job that can span across multiple countries, multiple modes of transport, and take months to complete. For those working on the projects, they often are only seeing a small part of the whole.

Because of this, it is in the best interest of everyone involved to have someone who can follow the project through each stage. Our surveyors are trained captains, naval architects, and engineers who understand the shipping process at each stage.

Instead of sending multiple employees to oversee the project, companies can hire a surveyor to deploy through the entirety of the project. Not only does this solve the problem of having a surveyor at each stage, it also ensures efficient communication and peace of mind.

As one of our clients remarked regarding the long-term surveyor deployment, “The benefit of the service provided by far exceeds the cost of the service.”

Long-term survey deployment:

  • Provides a single point of contact for updates on the project
  • Covers the need for a surveyor at each stage of the project
  • Allows a company to have a trusted overseer without sending an internal employee
  • Ensures that projects are done safely and in compliance at every stage.
  • Can be particularly helpful when working in different operational areas


Your eyes, ears, and voice

Before you start your next project, consider the value of long-term deployment of a surveyor. We can be your eyes, ears, and voice on site so you can have confidence in your project without ever leaving the office.

Need a long-term deployment of one our surveyors? Contact us today! We have over 140 surveyors in every part of the world that can be at your project within 24 hours.

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