The Inspection is more than the Certificate

As any vessel operator or logistics company operating in the offshore wind and offshore oil and gas industry knows, 3rd party inspection reports from approved inspectors are necessary for doing business. Any vessel operating in the offshore wind industry has to at least have an IMCA inspection no less than 12 months old, and likely needs other inspection certificates.

Nordic Maritime Solutions works alongside vessel owners, park and field operators, EPC companies, OEM companies and other charterers of vessels to provide the necessary inspection certificates for the projects in which vessels are involved. But after years of experience, we’ve learned that just because a vessel has the inspection certificate, it does not always mean it is in compliance.

A strategic approach

A large logistics company approached us with a problem. They were in charge of overseeing a large transport and needed to charter a vessel with specific capabilities.

Their problem was that they had found a vessel at a competitive price and the necessary capabilities, but they wanted to verify the operator’s safety and compliance, as well as the vessel’s suitability.

They hired Nordic Maritime Solutions to look over the vessel’s inspection certificate and do another inspection to test the validity of the certificate and general compliance and suitability of the vessel. The vessel had a clean IMCA CMID certificate without any observations, but Nordic Maritime Solutions wanted to double check.

Nordic Maritime Solutions performed a new IMCA inspection and found a number of serious deficiencies in the vessel’s safety and compliance. Even though the vessel had the certificate, it was not really in compliance with International standards.

Nordic Maritime Solutions explained to the vessel operators the deficiencies we found and what it would take for them to meet industry standards. After agreeing on a period of time for the vessel operators to fix the problems, we re-inspected the vessel and validated the corrective action.

Inspection is about reputation, not just compliance

Our clients understood something about the nature of inspections. They knew that the best way to fix a bad reputation was working with reputable third-party inspectors and surveyors to assess, consult, and ultimate validate the efficacy of a vessel.

Unfortunately, this proactive approach is not common. Our clients forward thinking in bringing Nordic Maritime Solutions in to re-inspect a dubious vessel not only helped solve their immediate problem, but ultimately led to a cooperative relationship between their company and the vessel operators.

And our client was not the only party to benefit from this approach. The vessel operators were able to use the new inspection and improvements in management to restore their reputation and lift their own position in the marketplace.

Nordic Maritime Solutions performs standard and custom vessel inspections with one goal in mind: to help companies succeed in the marketplace.

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