Unique Inspectors for Unique Vessels

We write inspection reports so detailed, they can put anyone to sleep! The reason we have that special power is because every one of our inspectors is highly trained with years of experience. We do not believe getting an inspection is about checking the box, but an opportunity to increase safety, improve efficiency, and help our clients accomplish their long-term goals.


A unique vessel deserves an expert inspector

Many of our clients are on the cutting edge of the offshore wind industry, creating vessels made to specifically handle the complicated demands of installing offshore wind farms. They use technology and innovation to help improve the overall quality of the world by helping develop sustainable clean energy.

Needless to say, these vessels need a different level of inspection. Because of the unique nature of these ships and equipment, along with a long term need for innovative solutions, one of these companies was looking for a company that could partner with them to inspect their vehicles and provide insight into how to improve their overall systems.

The power is in the details

Nordic Maritime Solutions was hired to not only inspect their new vessel, but also to look at their ongoing systems and provide insight into how they can improve.

In order to meet their request, we provided a specialized inspector that was certified to inspect such a unique vessel, provide experience-based feedback on vessel and equipment operations, and work within COVID regulations. Basically, we provided an inspector that was more than just an inspector.

A vessel ready to make a difference

In the end, our client was overwhelmed by the level of competence and feedback provided by the Nordic Maritime Solutions inspector. Not only is their vessel in compliance and safe, but they have a plan in place to improve the vessel operation long into the future.

A detailed inspection report from an expert inspector helped this cutting edge company remain safe, competitive, and moving forward.

Nordic Maritime Solutions is Your Inspection Solution

Nordic Maritime Solutions is not your average inspection company. We hire only captains, naval architects, and marine engineers. We will love to be your eyes, ears, and voice on site anywhere in the world, so give us a call today.

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