3 different ways to utilize cargo surveys

A commitment to safety is an essential part of any shipping project. When companies prioritize safety, projects are more likely to go as planned, avoid the risk of incident, and remain profitable. Safety protects not only the lives and property involved in a project, but also the reputation of the brands involved. It is why we talk about safety all the time. Maximize safety and efficiency in your shipping projects.

You cannot afford to be unsafe

Often times for insurance, you cannot operate without the presence of a cargo surveyor helping prioritize safety. But even with that requirement, there are more ways to utilize the skillset of a cargo surveyor on a transport project than most companies realize. A good cargo surveyor in the breakbulk industry usually brings decades of experience to every project. And is capable of far more than helping you check off the box of survey for your insurance demands.

Here are 3 different ways to utilize cargo surveyors


1. Scheduled surveys

This is the most common way companies use cargo surveyors. This is whether they are OEM, freight forwarders, P&I clubs, vessel owners, or any other entity involved. A scheduled survey can be a marine warranty survey that looks over the project plans at the beginning of a project. Or an on-site survey while a load out or load in occurs. Anytime a lift or transfer occurs, before things are fastened and signed off on, a surveyor needs to be present. This ensures someone is present at every stage whose job is to focus on the safety and compliance of the project.

2. On demand (emergency) surveys

Sometimes, even with the best planning, things change in the middle of a project (or go wrong) and you need a surveyor to show up within 48 hours of being called. This is when it is essential to have a good surveyor to show up. A surveyor who understands not only the local compliance requirements, but also has the depth of experience to respond to whatever emergency the project may be facing. However, finding a good surveyor that can be anywhere in the world in 48 hours is not easy. Companies either settle for a local surveyor who has not been vetted properly, which is risky. Or holds up the project while they look, which costs the project time and money.

3. Long term deployment

For both scheduled surveys and on demand surveys, companies still face the logistical challenge of finding qualified local surveyors who can meet the unique needs of a given transport project. When a company has to hire multiple surveyors from various sources, there is the risk that reporting, quality, and even availability will be inconsistent.

But it do not have to be that way!

Long term deployment of a cargo surveyor, which means you hire one surveyor to travel with the entire project from start to finish. Streamlines any necessary scheduled surveys throughout the project and mitigates the need to scramble to find a surveyor last minute when things change mid project. Because a surveyor is with the project the entire time, they can act as more than just a surveyor. They can be an advocate for your brand and the safety of the overall project.


Your eyes, ears, and voice – optimize safety and efficiency in your shipping projects

Nordic Maritime Solutions offers all three types of surveyors. We have a team of over 100 in countries all across the globe with over 1100 years of experience between them.
Nordic Maritime Solutions offer scheduled surveys. We can have a qualified surveyor anywhere in the world within 48 hours of being called. Further we offer long term deployment on shipping projects. Part of the way in which we are able to serve our clients is by pre-vetting surveyors, who are ready to work all around the world.

This means, regardless of what type of survey you need and where you are located, you can count on our surveyors being qualified and prepared for the job.

As surveyors, we are not just an advocate for safety and compliance! But your eyes, ears, and voice on site protecting your brand and bottom line at every stage of the project.


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