We keep shipping boring

When shipping gets exciting, projects cost more money, more time, and can often end up hurting people and damaging property.

That’s why we want to keep shipping boring.

You read that right. Nordic Maritime Solutions is here to take the “fun” out of shipping heavy cargo across the world. We want your project to be boring.

When your heavy cargo arrives, we want to be able to say, “It was uneventful. Things happened exactly as they were supposed to.”

It’s not that we believe everything in life should be boring. Parties shouldn’t be boring. Vacations shouldn’t be boring. Football should definitely not be boring. But shipping should.

Because let’s face it, a crane dropping a 200-ton turbine off the ship and into the ocean may be exciting, but it can also cause harm to workers and cost the company millions of euros.

A truck losing tons of piping material as it drives down the highway may be exciting, but it’s also incredibly dangerous and can result in extreme harm to people and millions of euros in damages.

That’s why when it comes to shipping, we want things to stay boring. Since we’re “boring” experts, we want to share a few ways you can keep your shipments boring.

  1. Take the time to plan

Many of the incidents that make shipping an exciting mess can be avoided with the proper planning. Be sure to do the calculations, get the right people involved, and have written plans for each stage of the project.

  1. If you’re uncertain, check

Sometimes, despite all the planning that goes into a project, plans change and a project has to develop a new journey forward. Because of this, it’s good to assume that certain aspects of the transport will need to be recalculated. In general, if there is any uncertainty about a piece of equipment or a process being employed, check it to make sure it will actually work.

  1. Get help

This is the whole reason companies and insurers hire surveyors. Their whole job is to make sure the shipment happens safely and efficiently.

Nordic Maritime Solutions is here to make sure your shipment stays boring.

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  2. Let Nordic Maritime Solutions apply it’s “Road-to-success” process.
  3. Get back to your exciting life knowing your shipment will stay boring.

We are in the business of boring, so let’s talk.

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