Weeks of work saved with one phone call

Despite every precaution taken during a project, incidents can still occur. Insurance claims are a part of doing business and for those claims adjustors who have to hunt down all the relevant information, often years after the actual incident in question, insurance claims can be a huge source of stress, time and money.

One of the problems is the lack of standardized reporting that can happen throughout the world. Different inspectors or surveyors use different reporting methods. Some are thorough, some are not. Different countries may have different requirements and even the language gaps can cause confusion and challenges.

This can be problematic in and of itself, but it becomes a serious problem if someone in a claims department has to track down information.


Just call NMS

We recently had a client who found themselves in that very position. We were surveyors for a project years earlier and our client had to track down some of the paperwork for a claim they had to file. The claim was being inspected 5 years after the initial project, so the claims agent was expecting a long and tedious road to get everything they needed.

After calling a few other places and considering all the options, a mutual colleague just assured them that the best thing to do was just call the Nordic Maritime Solutions office. Our client had doubts as to whether or not it could be that simple, but called anyway to see if we happened to have all the paperwork they needed.


Problem solved in no time

We were able to pull up all the relevant documentation within minutes of the client calling and ended up saving the claims agent weeks of work and all the headaches that would have come with it.

Even though this is something that should be universal amongst the survey and inspection business, it is not.

We want to help you save time, money simply by being organized and thorough. Give us a call so we can be your eyes, ears, and voice on site anywhere in the world.

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