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The client needed to move big out of gauge cargo and was looking for a new partner. They
were recommended to call Nordic Maritime Solutions due to the complexity of the cargo.

As with new and existing clients, to ensure safe operation, we ask for different documentation prior to the load out or load in. 
The client was worried when Nordic Maritime Solutions kept asking for documents prior to the operation. The client was thinking “this is just another survey company not working WITH us, but against us!”

The last documents were provided on site. This was not, and is never optimal, but gladly our surveyor was able to read, understand and approve the Russian document, and the operation was able to commence.

The preparation prior to the load out operation commencement ended with the result:
Normally load time: 48 hours
This time, load time: 24 hours!

Our fantastic client was happy, and they were able to deliver their cargo on site on time!

Comment from the client after the completion:
„Sincere thanks for your hard work and support in achieving this load out in such a tight timescale.“

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