Planning makes a difference

The earlier a surveyor is brought into the project, the better. If a surveyor is brought in after the plans are completed and the project is underway, there is a possibility that things will need to be changed mid-operation. When things change during a project, it usually costs the company money and time.

This proved true in a recent project we did with a major wind conglomerate.

Planning makes a difference

Recently, our client needed to load a new type of sensitive wind turbine blade out of India. There were a number of challenges in this particular job, including a technically challenging load and the lack of safety standards sometimes present when shipping out of India.

The client knew the risks and wanted to make sure their wind turbine blades arrived on time without incident, so they called us to join in the planning stage client for the load in.

Pre-load expertise and on-site prep

Nordic Maritime Solutions joined their team to look over all documents and ensure all efficiencies, protocols, and safety measures were accounted for in the planning. Once approved, Nordic Maritime Solutions was on site to make sure the whole crew was briefed on the safety measures.

One of the best ways to ensure a project is safe and efficient is by bringing a cargo surveyor into the project at the beginning. By doing this, companies can save millions of Euros in delays, damage to people or property, and inefficient operations.

We would love to be your eyes, ears, and voice on site and help you plan your next project.

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