Company Digest August – state of ‘boring’

The secret to achieving this ideal state of ‘boring’


As we bask in the full swing of the summer season, we have a small piece of advice that could make your maritime operations as serene as a calm summer sea. At Nordic Maritime Solutions, we’ve found that the best operations are often the ‘boring’ ones – those that are safe, efficient, and incident-free.

What is the secret to achieving this ideal state of ‘boring’?

It all boils down to strategic planning and adherence to some crucial clauses in your transport contracts:


1. Planning & Marine Warranty Surveyor (MwS) Approval:

When it comes to planning, nothing less than perfection should do. Every detail, from stowage and lashing plans to risk assessments and responsibility matrices, must pass the rigorous scrutiny of your appointed Marine Warranty Surveyor (MwS). Remember, any delay caused by non-compliance falls on the carrier’s shoulders.


2. MwS Participation and Full Stop Right:

The presence of an MwS during operations can make a world of difference. Along with their vital input, they should have the power to halt proceedings if necessary, and if there are changes to the agreed method, a robust Management of Change procedure should be enacted.


3. Planning Standards:

The sea of maritime operations comes with its own roadmap – standards like IMO ANNEX 13 or DNV ST N 001. Adhering to these gives your operations a reliable framework to follow.


Team NMS are here to guide you along the way


With these guidelines in place, your operations stand a high chance of sailing smoothly through the summer and beyond. And the best part? We at Nordic Maritime Solutions are here to guide you along the way.

Whether you’re navigating the complexities of contract construction, conducting a Marine Warranty Survey, or need a helping hand with the finer aspects of our industry, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Dont cut corners – you can read more about what can happen if you cut corners here

As the second half of the year unfolds, let’s keep steering towards ‘boring’ but highly effective maritime solutions.

Wishing you a ‘boring’ and incident-free summer.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated team.

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