The Potential Danger of Cutting Corners

As manufacturing for onshore and offshore wind increases in India, more and more companies are needing to navigate shipping and transport out of India. India is a country filled with potential, but also a country filled with challenges.

We have written about these challenges before here, but it is helpful to see the opportunities and challenges in real time.

A potential disaster waiting to happen

Last year, Nordic Maritime Solutions was contracted by a major clean energy company to survey the load out of wind turbines from India. we knew there was a risk of safety challenges during the operation, since the vessel sent to move it was a bulk carrier and needed design modifications to be able to safely secure the wind turbines.

In the world of transporting heavy cargo, sometimes companies have to be a bit creative in how they accomplish the project. But whenever vessels are modified to accommodate heavy cargo, the risk increases and needs special attention given to the safety of each step.

In this particular project, not only was there an increased risk with the particular vessel, there was also immense pressure to move the project along quickly. When you combine those things with the struggles with proper safety measures in India’s ports, it was a potential disaster waiting to happen.

Stopping risky work saves companies in the long run

When we arrived on site, we found a number of safety issues, including a worker attempting to weld on top of a fuel tank, and we put a halt to the project until all safety concerns were addressed. Because of the high level of expertise our surveyors have, they were able to not only see all the potential risk, but they could work with the transport company & the vessels crew to develop safe alternatives.

Despite the pressure to cut corners in order to speed the project along, the client prioritized safety.

Disaster avoided

In the end, the cargo was loaded safely and without incident, saving our customer from the cost of damaged property, human injuries, and delays. Our customers cannot afford the risk of unsafe transport.
The stakes are just too high!

Your solution to shipping safely out of India

Nordic Maritime Solutions is actively expending their presence in India to match the growing international shipping industry there. We would love to be your eyes, ears, and voice on site when shipping through India.

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