Company Digest December – navigating logistics

This has been quite the year for those of us in shipping and logistics! Whether you work in the port, on the vessels, or behind a desk, I know the whole industry has worked hard to try and meet the unique challenges we all faced.

Though many of us are preparing for a Christmas at home with family, we also know that the supply chain does not take a Christmas holiday. Some of you will be on a ship in the middle of the ocean, working hard moving heavy equipment on a port, or navigating logistics from the office on Christmas.
I am incredibly grateful for those who are celebrating Christmas while keeping the supply chain moving and hope they can feel our gratitude wherever they are.

One of my favorite parts about this business is that it takes men and women from all over the world to do it. It is an incredible reminder of what makes us unique, as well as what makes us all similar.


​​​​​​​Christmas – Danish style

From René Elling, CEO and owner of NMS:
“For us at Nordic Maritime Solutions, we are preparing to enjoy Christmas with our families.

For the Danish, we celebrate on Christmas Eve with a feast of roast duck, and two types of potatoes – white salt potatoes and caramelized potatoes, marinated red cabbage AND my favorite the rich duck gravy.

We enjoy the meal with some good wine and finish it off with a delicious rice pudding with a whole almond hidden somewhere in the pudding. ​Whoever gets the almond gets a special gift, so we try to pick our serving of rice pudding very carefully.

After the meal, we light the life candles on the Christmas tree, and sing carols while we hold hands and dance around the tree.

We all open presents after the singing and end Christmas Eve happy, full, and excited to play with toys (children and adults alike) on Christmas morning.”

Always ready!

We are ready to help be the eyes, ears, and voice of our clients all over the world during the holiday season on into 2022.
In the meantime, wherever you are and however you celebrate, we want to wish a merry Christmas and happy holidays!


Your eyes, ears, and voice on site

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