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Nordic Maritime Solutions started because we wanted to help companies prioritize safety when they ship globally.

We have experts in every part of the world ready to oversee the safety of your shipment at every stage of its journey.


2020: A year in review

We get it, just because it is the year 2021, it does not mean that everything is back to normal. It will still take months for the vaccine to roll out, and even longer for economies, habits, and trust to rebuild. But at least 2021 will bring some level of hope.

However, things may never truly return to the way things used to be. As we worked with companies all over the world and made the changes to our own company, there are a few things that changed in 2020 that we think are going to stick around.

In an article we wrote earlier this month, we identified three things that changed last year that we think will stick around, as well as three things that stayed the same regardless of all of the upheaval created by the pandemic.

Here the things that we observed change:

  • A focus on developing and recruiting local talent
  • The need for companies to diversify their streams of revenue
  • The power of digital in creating a “greener” world

Here the things that stayed the same:

  • Safety is still essential
  • The global economy is still the global economy
  • Collaboration is still the best way to do business

Read the full article here.

Our reports are so detailed, they can put anyone to sleep

Nordic Maritime Solutions is on a mission to keep shipping boring and we are not afraid to say it. We want every project to happen safely, efficiently, and without incident—in other words, boring.

But our commitment to boredom does not just stop on site. We want to send boredom home with you.

This is why we make every report so detailed they will make anyone fall asleep. It does not matter if it is a standard IMCA CMID inspection report or a post project survey report, we work hard to put you into a deep sleep within pages.

Read more about our yawn-inducing reports here.

Surveyor Highlight: Amrith Kumar

Amrith Kumar is an India based marine warranty surveyor of heavy lift cargo, pre-dominantly in the Wind, Oil & Gas sector. He is a Naval Architect and a great part of the Nordic Maritime Solutions team.

When he is not making sure shipping stays safe and boring for Nordic Maritime Solutions, you can find him watching or playing football, cycling, and traveling. Also, he likes to dance.

The reputation saving power of a thorough inspection

As any vessel operator or logistics company operating in the offshore wind and offshore oil and gas industry knows, 3rd party inspection reports from approved inspectors are necessary for doing business. Any vessel operating in the offshore wind industry has to at least have an IMCA inspection no less than 12 months old, and likely needs other inspection certificates.

Nordic Maritime Solutions works alongside vessel owners, park and field operators, EPC companies, OEM companies and other charterers of vessels to provide the necessary inspection certificates for the projects in which vessels are involved. But after years of experience, we have learned that just because a vessel has the inspection certificate, it does not always mean it is in compliance.

A large logistics company approached us with a problem. They were in charge of overseeing a large transport and needed to charter a vessel with specific capabilities.

Their problem was that they had found a vessel at a competitive price and the necessary capabilities, but they wanted to verify the operator’s safety and compliance, as well as the vessel’s suitability.

Read how Nordic Maritime Solutions helped them solve this problem.

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