Company Digest December – world of logistics

Nordic Maritime Solutions started because we wanted to help companies prioritize safety when they ship globally. We have experts in every part of the world ready to oversee the safety of your shipment at every stage of its journey.

What is new in the world of logistics?

India is quickly becoming an unavoidable country when shipping internationally. With more and more parts being manufactured in India, companies will need help navigating some of the safety and efficiency challenges inherent in the industry there. We recently covered some of the challenges companies face when working in India, and how we help solve some of the safety and efficiency problems through our surveyors located in that region. Check out Stop Losing Money When Shipping Through India

Best Practices

Best practices in the world of shipping and logistics not only saves companies time, but often saves them money in the long run. But when shipping internationally, “best practices” can mean a range of things depending on the country. However, there are some things that need to happen regardless of the regions involved. In another article, we talk about 3 ways spending less can cost you more. Check it out to learn more best practices when shipping internationally.

Surveyor Highlight: Igor Dobrikov

Our surveyor Igor from Ukraine has been an integrated part of NMS since 2017. After working as a Marine Port Captain and Surveyor for much of his career, he now plays a vital role in assuring safe operations in some of the most difficult operational areas in the world. Establishing safe working practices to the highest international standards in Ukrainian ports and having a key role in making safe handling of large fragile wind turbine components possible, he is flexible and knows everything about operating in Ukraine. He lives in the Ukraine with his wife and two children and enjoys hunting, fishing, and watching basketball.

Case Story Summary

Recently, a scenario presented itself where we had to act quickly on behalf of a client and push back on how someone wanted to transfer cargo from one vessel to another. A large corporation needed to transport a 200-ton transformer from Derince Port in Turkey to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The transformer was critical to progress and the project in Jeddah was on hold till it arrived. Due to sudden and unforeseen circumstances, the transformer had to be transported from one vessel to a different vessel in order to make it to Jeddah.  To read how we helped this company stay safe and in compliance, read more here. We want to be your eyes, ears, and voice at every stage of your transport around the world. Call us today and let us tell you how we can save you time, money, and stress when shipping heavy cargo internationally.