Company Digest July – planning is crucial

Planning is crucial!


We hope this newsletter finds you well during this bustling holiday season.
Here at Nordic Maritime Solutions, we believe in the mantra that ‘boring’ is beautiful, especially when it comes to our Marine Warranty Surveys for heavy lift and project cargo and vessel inspections.

Our ultimate goal is to help ensure that your operations and cargo movements remain safe, effective, and free of incidents and damages – in other words, perfectly ‘boring’.

As you know, planning is crucial in the maritime industry, and meticulousness is key to achieving smooth operations.
The good news is that ensuring ‘boring’ operations can be straightforward with a properly stipulated contract.

We strongly advise incorporating the following clauses in your transport contracts:


  1. Planning & Marine Warranty Surveyor (MwS) Approval:
    All plans covering stowage, lashing, securing, lifting, and deck strength calculations, along with a detailed risk assessment and a responsibility matrix must satisfy and receive the approval of the appointed MwS before operations commence.
    Any delay due to non-compliance with MwS requirements should be on the carrier’s account.
  2. MwS Attendance and Full Stop Right:
    The clause should allow for MwS presence during operations and grant the MwS an unlimited full stop right. If any changes to the agreed method are needed, a robust Management of Change procedure should be in place.
  3. Planning Standards:
    Depending on the operation’s nature, we recommend adhering to IMO ANNEX 13 or DNV ST N 001 standards.

Planning, planning & a bit more planning


By integrating these elements into your contracts, you substantially increase the chances of maintaining ‘boring’ (yet very efficient) operations during the holidays and beyond.

Remember, a ‘boring’ operation is a well-executed one!

If you’re unsure about how to put these suggestions into practice, fear not! Our team at Nordic Maritime Solutions is eager to assist. Whether it’s additional information on constructing a watertight contract, carrying out a Marine Warranty Survey, or simply understanding the intricacies of our industry, we’re only a message or call away.

Remember, ‘boring’ is not just good; it’s the Nordic Maritime Solutions standard.
Let’s keep it that way together!

Always committed to delivering top-quality maritime solutions – all year!


As always, we are committed to delivering top-quality maritime solutions and look forward to continuing our collaboration with you.
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