Company Digest March – Breakbulk Europe

As spring begins and projects ramp up, we are excited to see all of the incredible things our partners do to make the world a greener place to live.
Whether you are a vessel owner, OEM company, P&I club, or shipping company, we know that being safe and compliant is always the most efficient and cost-effective way to do business.


​​​​​​Standard and custom inspections for every vessel type!


Inspections are a necessary part of doing business, and we have inspectors available anywhere in the world to do both standard and custom inspections. We can have a world class inspector on site within 48 hours to perform:

• eCMID inspections
• eMISW inspections
• OVID inspections

Not only are these inspections required to remain compliance, but the right inspection makes it easier for you to make money on your vessel.

Beyond the standard inspections, we also work with you to create tailor-made inspections to make sure everything you need to use is safe, compliant, and ready for use. Inspections like hatch cover testing checks each hatch to ensure moisture cannot make it through during transport.

To learn more about the inspections we offer, check out our inspections page.


We would love to see you in real life!


We will be at the Breakbulk Europe Fair in Rotterdam from May 17-19 and we would love to see you.
We may work hard to help keep shipping boring, but we are a lot of fun in person.

Come by our booth and hear about the exciting ways we can help make your projects safe, efficient, and compliant.

Learn more about our booth at Breakbulk Europe!


Team Member Spotlight: Diana Holmgaard


If you have ever worked with Nordic Maritime Solutions, you have probably spoken with Diana. A title would not give her justice, since she does everything from marketing, operations, tracking down paperwork, logistics, and overall problem solver for clients all over the world.

When Diana is not working, she loves traveling with her family and living the Hygge life at her home in Denmark. You can meet her and the rest of the team in Rotterdam at the Breakbulk Europe Fair.

Your eyes, ears, and voice on site


Nordic Maritime Solutions is here to be your eyes, ears and voice on site anywhere in the world. Call us for vessel inspections or surveys and we can be on site within 48 hours regardless of where you are!

P.S. We want to help you save money and protect your margins.
Please give us a call on +49 461 1689 7641