Company Digest October – big crane!

As the world slowly begins to open back up (despite a few stops and starts), the international shipping industry is moving forward at full steam. And with an even bigger push toward green energy, more equipment needs to be made and shipped than ever before.

We are excited to see what is happening and to do our part in keeping it safe and compliant.

One of the things we love about our job is how many wonderful organizations we get to partner with. Lately, we have been working with a number of P&I clubs for surveys and inspections.


How can P&I clubs benefit from partnering with us?

In the world of shipping and transport, P&I clubs are an essential part of doing business. Every ship, shipment, piece of equipment and person involved in the expansive process of international transport needs to be insured. Although all parties involved work hard to stay safe and compliant, it is important to know that if something does go wrong, everything is covered.

Although it is impossible to prevent all incidents, there are definitely processes P&I clubs can employ to mitigate the risk of incident and the costly, sometimes fatal, results. As we wrote earlier, P&I Clubs share a lot of the same goals as survey and inspection companies.

Since there is a natural partnership between insurance organizations and survey companies, it makes sense that there are significant benefits to working together.

Check out our recent article to learn the three ways P&I clubs benefit from partnering with us. 


Surveyor Highlight: Alex K

Aleksander Krakoviecki was born in 1978. He graduated in Naval Architecture in Ship’s Power Installation at the National University of Shipbuilding and then obtained a 2nd masters degree at Marine State Academy in Deep Sea Navigation.

After 10+ years of professional experience as Chief Officer on heavy lift vessels (with cranes of 700 tons) for companies like Beluga Shipping, Hansa Heavy Lift, BBC Chartering etc., he has now been working as a Marine Surveyor/ Port Captain for 9 years.

His knowledge in shipbuilding and extensive experience on heavy lift vessels make him a powerful asset for the company. When free, he likes to spend the time off in the family house in Novara, Italy, and he is very passionate about technology and science.

Alex was recently instrumental in a successful job in Gdansk, Poland.


Lifting a big crane with an even bigger crane

Recently, Pentagon Freight was hired by TechnipFMC to transport a GIANT replacement crane from Norway to Poland. The floating crane used to move and install the replacement crane is the UGLEN, listed as one of the largest floating cranes in the world.

When working with equipment of this size, there are a lot of things that can go wrong—a miscalculation, a faulty part, a person stepping in the wrong place at the wrong time. And although it is amazing to watch a huge replacement crane be loaded onto a ship by an even bigger floating crane, there is a limit to how much excitement should be appropriate.

Needless to say, on a job like this there is no room for error. In order to make sure we could represent our client and there interests well, we made sure one of our top guys was deployed to be on site through the entire project.

To read more about our recent job and to watch an amazing video of the crane being installed be sure to check out our newest case story.

Link to case story

Link to case video

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