Company Digest April – safely in India

Nordic Maritime Solutions is committed to safe, boring shipping.

We have experts in every part of the world ready to oversee the safety of your shipment at every stage of its journey.


Partners in Boring Shipping

We are not the only ones wanting to keep shipping boring!

We have said this before, we want life to be filled with excitement. Weddings, holidays, trips to the beach or the mountains, or a football match—all should be a great time filled with laughter, fun, and even a little bit of risk.

But not shipping. When it comes to the handling and transport of heavy lift we want the experience to be as boring as possible. Boring to the point of yawn-inducing. Forgettable.

OEMs, conglomerates, EPC, Freight Forwarders and insurers all have one thing in common. All of them want the cargo and operators to be safe during a project. It is nice to know we are not alone!

Insurers want shipping to be boring. When things get exciting on a project, insurers lose money, people get hurt, projects get delayed, clients get upset and everyone ends up paying millions in claims and damages.

We have a common goal, to keep shipping boring, and there are a number of ways Nordic Maritime Solutions partners with insurance companies, OEM, conglomerates, EPC and others to fight the dangerous excitement of things going wrong on site.

Learn more about how we partner with P&I, Cargo/Asset Insurers, and Risk mitigation companies to keep shipping boring by clicking here.

Surveyor Highlight: Gökhan Bektas

Gökhan Bektas is a cargo surveyor who specializes in heavy cargo movement and wind turbines. As a valued member of the NMS team, he helps our clients in the wind industry stay safe during transport.

When he is not surveying, you can find him watching and playing football.

Safely in India

As manufacturing for onshore and offshore wind increases in India, more and more companies are needing to navigate shipping and transport out of port cities of India.

Last year, Nordic Maritime Solutions was contracted by a major clean energy company to survey the load out of wind turbines from India. Before arriving, we knew there was a risk of safety challenges during the operation, since the vessel sent to move it was a bulk carrier and needed design modifications to be able to safely secure the wind turbines.

When we arrived on site, we found a number of safety issues, including a worker attempting to weld on top of a fuel tank, and we put a halt to the project until all safety concerns were addressed. Because of the high level of expertise our surveyors have, they were able to not only see all the potential risk, but they could work with the transport company & the vessels crew to develop safe alternatives.

Despite the pressure to cut corners in order to speed the project along, our client prioritized safety and thus prevented a potential disaster.

In the end, the cargo was loaded safely and without incident, saving our customer from the cost of damaged property, human injuries, and delays. Our customers cannot afford the risk of unsafe transport. The stakes are just too high!

Read more about how we help companies ship safely in India here.

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