Company Digest February – René Elling

We are excited to partner with companies to help them stay compliant, safe and efficient. Despite all the challenges of the last two years, we have seen our industry persevere and innovate through it all and we are looking forward to what is ahead.


​​​​​​It is inspection time again, make your vessel is ready to make some money!


As many of you know, standard inspections like CMID and OVID inspections are a part of doing business. If they are not current, then your vessel might as well just be a giant piece of scrap metal that is losing you money.

Getting your vessel inspected by a reputable inspection company will:
• Help you make money by making your vessel eligible to be used
• Keep your vessel safe and up to current standards
• Show your customers that you can be trusted with their cargo project.

So do not lose money because your inspection is overdue.

And if you are worried about whether or not an inspection from us would be thorough, we can guarantee that our inspections are so thorough they can actually put you to sleep.


The power of steady, consistent record keeping


If you ever wondered if being organized and thorough qualifies as a superpower, ask a claims representative who has to track down mountains of paperwork and documentation to process a single claim.

Recently, we had a client reach out who had worked with us years before on a job. They were processing a claim years later and were trying to track down the documentation they needed to properly assess fault. This can be a tedious task, especially when so much of the paperwork in our industry is not standardized and from various subcontractors.

Fortunately, we maintain a standard process regardless of which inspector we are working with and are meticulous in how we file everything. When the client called, expecting a nightmare to try and get the right papers, we were able to send everything they needed within an hour without any additional work for the client.

It might not be the most exciting superpower, but it can really make a difference under the right circumstances. Read more about how we used the superpower of organization to help save our client days of work.


Team Member Spotlight: René Elling


René is Nordic Maritime Solution’s fearless leader and is passionate about helping the industry improve its safety and efficiency. After years of working at Sea, In Ports and with specialized heavy lift carriers, René started Nordic Maritime Solutions as a way of providing top level surveyors and inspectors to companies all over the world.

When he is not leading his team, you can find him spending time with his family, playing poor golf and even worse guitar, scouring the internet for new metal bands, and practicing for his ballet class. (Okay, maybe one of those things is not true).

Your eyes, ears, and voice on site


Nordic Maritime Solutions is here to be your eyes, ears and voice on site anywhere in the world. Call us for vessel inspections or surveys and we can be on site within 48 hours regardless of where you are!

P.S. We want to help you save money and protect your margins.
Please give us a call on +49 461 1689 7641