Company Digest January – boring shipping

Nordic Maritime Solutions started because we wanted to help companies prioritize safety when they ship globally.

We have experts in every part of the world ready to oversee the safety of your shipment at every stage of its journey.


Keep shipping boring!

When shipping gets exciting, projects cost more money, more time, and can often end up hurting people and damaging property.

That is why we want to keep shipping boring.  

You read that right. Nordic Maritime Solutions is here to take the “fun” out of shipping heavy cargo across the world. We want your project to be boring.

When your heavy cargo arrives, we want to be able to say, “It was uneventful. Things happened exactly as they were supposed to.”

It is not that we believe everything in life should be boring. Parties should not be boring. Vacations should not be boring. Football should definitely not be boring. But shipping should.

In our article, “We keep shipping boring,” we share three ways to keep shipments safe and efficient and how we can help you accomplish that. Here you can read the guide.


Best Practices

A compliant ship is a money-making ship. Getting the right inspections is less about maintaining the safety of your vessel (although it does that too), but about making sure your vessel can be used to make money.

If you are a vessel owner, you know how important inspections are to your success.

In an article published earlier this month, we list off three ways getting a custom inspection can help make you more money in the long run. Check it out here.


Surveyor Highlight: Jennifer Evans

Jennifer lives in the UK with her kids and is a seasoned Marine Warranty Surveyor for heavy-lift loadouts as well as an experienced DP & FMECA expert.

Before working with Nordic Maritime Solutions, Jennifer used to work for Noble Denton & DNVGL and has previous sailed with BP as a chief engineer. She loves big family holidays, skiing, traveling, and really hopes to see the Northern Lights one day.


Sometimes the challenge of shipping is not what, but where.

Needless to say, shipping heavy cargo is complicated, costly, and potentially dangerous. It often includes transferring parts weighing over 100 tons from vessels to ports to trains and everything in between. This can be a logistic challenge and requires meticulous planning and oversight.

But sometimes the challenge is not just what is being shipped, but where it is being shipped. There are different safety standards, levels of professionalism, and logistical compliance depending on where the cargo is going.

Recently a client needed to ensure the safety and efficiency of transport for turbines and generators into three different ports in Algeria: Djen Djen, Mostaganem, and Skikda.

Knowing how to operate safely in North Africa requires a special level of expertise. Read more to learn how Nordic Maritime Solutions was able to help our client transport what they needed safely and on time.

We want to be your eyes, ears, and voice at every stage of your transport around the world. Click here to see how we can save you time, money, and stress when shipping heavy cargo internationally.